The way into innovation

If we take into consideration the great technological and social progress we have experienced these last few years, we believe it is necessary that schools renew and adapt their spaced and methodologies.

INNOVATION with capital I

We are leaders in innovation and we have develop our own specific methodologies such as SMART PLAY or CLASSROOM ON WHEELS.

But at Lighthouse American School innovation goes further than new ways of learning. Our students are the main actors of it. We turn children in agents of change, who will be able to lead the transformation of tomorrow´s society.

We understand that creativity goes further than plastic or scenic arts. It is the mean to find new answers or resolving problems that use to have to solution.

This is why it is so important to inoculate in our students the innovation gene; the ability to solve complex problems, find new solutions and implement them.

  • 65% of the children that go to school today, will work at jobs that do not exist today.

    PWC study

  • 52% of the CEOs around the world believe that the most important skills are those that machines do not possess (creativity and innovation)

    World Economic Forum


We don´t expect you to believe us without any prove. Lighthouse American School has different iniciatives to introduce our students towards INNOVATION.

Smart play

There are no playgrounds at Lighthouse American School. We have Smart Play.

Smart Play

Up until today, recess time was seen as a time to rest from what was really important. The only thing that was expected from this time was the safety of the children.

Smart Play is a revolutionary system that takes advantage that playground time delivers. It is a precious time, where children express themselves freely and act without the constant direction of an adult.

There are three main differences from a traditional playground.:

Temporal distribution: Instead of having one recess in the middle of the morning and an excessive long break after lunch, Smart plays are distributed all throughout the day. These consist of long enough breaks for children to disconnect and enjoy play time, in order to reactivate their minds fully when classes take place again.

Spatial Variety: In our smart play, the playgrounds have different themes and students rotate weekly through all of them. Children forget about endless minutes finding something to do besides playing soccer. Students will rotate through our Sports Zone, Microcity village, Musical Garden, Nature room, Chill out zone and many more…

Organization: Teachers do not run the games, but they do organize, guide and teach children how to play and enjoy all the different scenarios they will be exposed to.

Social & emotional intelligence

We focus on emotional and social intelligence

Social & emotional intelligence

Daniel Goleman defines Emotional Intelligence and the ability to recognize our own feelings and those of our peers, the power to auto motivate and regulate our emotions in order to positively improve our relations with others and ourselves.

It has been proven that emotional intelligence are directly associated to success and welfare.

Innovation day

Innovation as a subject

Innovation day

The only way to really learn something is through practice. This is why our students have specific innovation content in their curriculum.

Starting in Kindergarten all the way into High School, they experiment on a regular basis with innovation techniques, suitable to their age and level.

Our students learn about cutting-edge methodologies such as Design Thinking or Advanced Creative Problem Solving. Older students work on annual innovation projects, that are presented and evaluated at the end of the school year. This projects enrich our whole community and enlighten us about the importance of innovation in our lives.

Goodbye Routine

We turn daily tasks into something fun

Good Bye Routine

Routine is creativity greatest enemy. A stimuli rich and fun environment favors the development of imagination and creativity. Your children may say farewell to routine with our themed days.

We shall visit medieval times with our Medieval Day or travel to the US with our Route 66. Of course, we cannot forget about a Magic Christmas or a Creepy Halloween.

Through these themed days, we present our students new realities and enrich their knowledge. We make understanding these new concepts easy, using an attractive format.

Classrooms on wheels

Energy in the classrooms

Classroom on Wheels

One of our most innovative programs is classroom on wheels. Welcome dynamism inside the classrooms: chairs and furniture on wheels that turn space into something flexible that changes in just minutes to obtain awake and active minds.

The ideal room to work in groups does not have the same layout as individual work requires. The disposition of a room is not the same when reading as when debating, thus it was difficult to assemble a classroom that could fit all…until now. Our rooms on wheels at Lighthouse American School adopt the perfect disposition for any activity in just minutes.




We don´t have playgrounds, we have smart play

Smart grounds

We have more than nine themed smart grounds


Fun Themed days


Innovation as a subject


We focus on social and emotional intelligence


Classrooms on wheels