Technology in the classroom-the future is now

We live surrounded by technology and our school is aware of the importance of training students in responsible use.

That’s why we have the most state-of-the art systems for education and will continue to upgrade as new technology emerges.

The interactive whiteboards that we use in the school offer up to 10 simultaneous points so that several children can work at the same time, they have 4K and wifi connectivity. They allow a great number of applications, from the uses such as traditional blackboard, without chalk, yes, the use of specific educational apps.

Tech Mood Boards - tracking emotions

Thanks to the Tech Mood Boards, we can make a comprehensive and precise tracking of emotions in the classroom. This gives us two great advantages:

1. We carry out an individualized monitoring of the emotions in the classroom, being able to detect early negative moods. This monitoring allows us to carry out preventive actions before affective or social problems emerge.

2. Students learn to work with emotions daily, become aware of them, improving their emotional intelligence. It also helps them understand the repercussions that their words and actions have on the emotional state of others.

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Flexible classrooms support improvement in the learning environment

Modular, flexible furnishings

A classroom must change dynamically and quickly according to the pedagogical needs of the moment. That’s why we have modular furniture mounted on wheels: ” A Classroom on Wheels.”

Por ejemplo las sillas  para aulas escolares colaborativas. Fabricadas en polipropileno y acero. Con una estructura inferior de base plastica redondaideal para guardar la mochila, la tableta, la chaqueta, etc.

Equipada con 6 ruedas sin freno. Asiento monobloc de polipropileno. Brazo de tubo de acero curvado, con mesita fija de escritura, muy cómoda pues rota 360º.

Little person friendly

It is very important that the size of the chairs suits the students, so we have fun ergonomic chairs for the little ones. These chairs are made in a variety of heights so that your child will always have a suitable chair for their size .

Estas sillas no tienen ruedas pero están fabricadas en propileno y son superligeras. Los niños las pueden transportar sin ningún problema.  Además son antivuelco, ergonómicas y apilables.

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