Vivimos de forma activa los principios medioambientales y aplicamos prácticas sostenibles

Education based on the real world

There is no point in teaching our students the importance of caring for our planet, if we do not set an example. Lighthouse American School is highly committed to the environment and sustainability.

It is important that students acquire these values, but they will only incorporate them in a profound way if they see that the spaces, the teachers and the organization of the center are focused on them.

For this reason the school supports various programs that help mitigate our footprint of carbon and the waste that we generate.

  • "The biggest threat to our planet is to think that someone else will save it."

    Robert Swan – CEO, Intel

  • "We do not inherit the land of our ancestors, we borrow it from our children."

    Native American Proverb


Clean Energy

Our school enjoys an installation of solar panels – enough to provide 80% of the energy needed at school throughout the year.

More than Recycling

We carry out an exhaustive separation of waste for recycling.

But above all we care about Reduce and Reuse, the most sustainable effort.

Energy Savings

Our new building is designed to save energy while maintaining climatic comfort.

All electronic and light devices are low consumption

Green Spaces

We contribute to reduce the carbon footprint thanks to our extensive green areas, which we maintain with sustainability criteria.

We also have an ecological vegetable garden

Continuous Training Updates

Both our teachers and our staff receive motivation and continuous training around sustainability, the environment and recycling.

Green Suppliers

Our suppliers comply with and follow environmental policies as rigorous as ours.

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