Social Innova-Action

En Lighthouse American School educamos futuros ciudadanos comprometidos con el medio ambiente y con la sociedad.

A socially responsible school

We understand that commitment and social responsibility helps students grow as people and creates global citizens.

We work with social innovation-action from two perspectives:

We must have an innovative vision about ecological and social problems. Only from a new perspective can effective solutions be found.

The students are not spectators of the world, they must be protagonists and take action to problem-solve social and environmental problems.

  • "We can not solve our problems with the same mentality that we used when we created them."

    Albert Einstein

  • "Improving society is not a job to leave a few, it is everyone's responsibility."

    David Packard – HP Co-founder

LIGHTHOUSE: A Thinkernautas partner

Thinkernautas is a platform that encourages creativity and innovation to improve the world. We actively participate with the NGO Thinkernautas in several of its initiatives.

School Innovation Lab:
Design Thinking sessions in which students learn innovation processes while giving solutions to environmental challenges.

The founding company of Lighthouse American School sponsors this university event, in which 140 UCM students face challenges proposed by five recognized NGOs and foundations.

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