Smart Play

A new way of understanding the playground

The playground is commonly forgotten in education, when it really is a key element in the development of our students.

This is why at Lighthouse American School there is no playground, there is Smart Play.

Smart Play is a groundbreaking way of understanding recess. Before, the main objective for parents and teachers alike was to avoid children getting hurt. No one getting hurt by the end of the day, was considered a success.

With Smart Play we take advantage of the opportunity that the playground gives us to promote physical, cognitive and social development of our student body.

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  • The AAP recommends that children spend at least 60 minutes every day playing outside

    AAP (American Academy of Pediatricians)

  • Playing is essential for the development ,since it contributes to the cognitive, social and emotional wellbeing of children and teens

    Kenneth R. Ginsburg – Doctor at the AAP


Multiple Intelligences

Our smart grounds are designed to foster the development of our multiple intelligences

Themes Grounds

We have 9 themed grounds where students rotate throughout the week

Time Optimization

Instead of a typical schedule where children have one break in the morning and a longer break for lunch, we have more breaks with optimized timings

Play by the Rules

Everybody knows football has certain rules – the same happens with our smart grounds


Students face challenges with growing difficulty in order to keep them motivated

Attractive and Fun

A playground has to be, above all, fun. Children learn through games and fun

“The playground is not a game and we take it very seriously”

Some of our thematic courtyards

Visit us to see them all

Musical Garden

(Music Smart)

In this corner of the garden our students have fun instruments at their disposal

Micro City

(People Smart)

An authentic city to play. The hospital, the bakery, the police station … what adventure do you choose?

Block Art

(Art Smart)

The Lego blocks used in unexpected ways

Wild West

(People Smart)

Welcome to the wild west where you can play in the cabins of the Indians. Beware!

Kinetic Circuit

(Self Smart)

A circuit to run and test your skill and self-knowledge.

Sport Ground

(Sport Smart)

Sports fun: football, basketball, volleyball … or even alternative sports

Just For Fun

(Just for fun)

You can’t miss with the old fashioned swing and slide!

Nature Chillout

(Nature Smart)

A place to relax in nature, chat with friends or even visit our garden

Logic and Learning Ground

(Logic Smart)

Experiment, build and work with your hands. Fun and educational

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