Quality Teams

The talent of an exquisite team working for your child.

The most important part of a school is its teachers

Teachers are the ones in charge of motivating and stimulating children.

At Lighthouse American School we take our staff very seriously. They are qualified teachers from the US, accredited by NEASC (New England Association of Schools and Colleges) and  are receiving constant education.

We know teachers have a great impact in the life of our children. This is why parents have access to their resumes. You have the right to know who is teaching your child.

In our school we have high quality standards, and our self-commitment strengthens our demand for making students our center. In order to acquire these qualities, high-quality professionals are needed. 

And, although our faculty is the cornerstone of our school, the implication of the school’s administrating team, the staff or maintenance is crucial if we want to keep these quality standards high.

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  • According to a meta-study that reviewed over 300 classroom assessment results, in 100% of cases, the quality of the teacher directly influenced how students learn and their academic assessment results.

    Fuller (1994)


We don´t expect you to just believe in us. Lighthouse American School has 5 initiatives that ensure we have quality teams.


Even though the values, methodologies and contents are defined by the school, it is the teacher the one who spends the whole day with our students.

Currículo abierto

From this interaction, the motivation and aspirations of our students will born and grow. This is why it is so important for parents to know who will be teaching and taking care of their children.

Our personnel is formed by qualified US teachers and we guarantee all parents will have access to the resume of their child’s teacher.

Engaged teachers

Teachers who are committed and always available

Profesores cercanos

The school’s policy is that teachers are must be available for children and their families at all times. You will have direct contact with our faculty every time you need it.

We believe that for our students it is best when the collaboration between parents and teachers is fluid and close.

Advisory Board

A team of experienced and diverse thinkers

Comité Asesor

We have a multidisciplinary and independent team of professionals, with a vast career path who helps the institution reach these high goals and standards.

Some of the expertise areas that our counselors include: pedagogy, creativity and innovation, well being and health, psychology, sports and art.

Lifelong Learning

Teachers are life-long learners too

Formación continua

Lifelong learning is a reality for our faculty, since it is a must for our institutional project. On one hand, we have creativity and innovation, which require for teachers to be constantly digging for new information and ways to improve their teaching. We get to have a faculty who is up to date with new techniques and teaching tools.

On the other hand, the enthusiasm of our faculty. A faculty that is always being encouraged to search for new improved ways of doing things and to innovate towards keeping our students motivated.

Thanks to our lifelong learning plan, our teachers are always up to speed with innovation, learning techniques and educational tendencies.

International Quality

We are NEASC members

Calidad internacional

Have you ever heard about Harvard or Yale? Then you have heard about the New England Association of School and Colleges. Just like Lighthouse American School, they are accredited by this prestigious association.




120 quality indicators


15 quality standards


An educating plan for teachers.


You will have access to your teacher’s cv


Multidisciplinary team


Certified North American teachers