Psicopedagogic Cabinet

Dentro de nuestra política de atención integral el gabinete psicopedagógico es un pilar central

Ensuring the welfare and development of students

Our student services team has the mission to guide the cognitive, affective and social development of the student, and to ensure early detection and prevention. 

The counselors are present in the classrooms, although they also evaluate the children in other areas of the school, where many interesting dynamics can be observed among the children that help detect difficulties and make diagnoses.

This team, from a preventive and therapeutic approach, has the mission to help teachers and families in all needs that arise.


Classroom observation

They will regularly evaluate the students and their interaction with the teaching staff, allowing early detection of difficulties whether academic, emotional or relationship with others.

Classroom teacher support

They will support the teachers so they will to be able to offer personalized instruction to students.

The objective is to promote a healthy development of students and enhance their learning.


Thanks to the observation in the classroom, the student services team will be able to carry out an early remediation of cognitive, affective or social difficulties.


Our student services team will offer professional advice to teachers and families.

Personalized Assistance

In case of needing professional assistance, the sessions would take place in the center during school hours, avoiding having to travel to external centers in the afternoon.

Speech development

We pay attention to the observation of speech development, in order to be able to carry out early actions.