Personalized Excellence

Academic excellence, personalized treatment and talent search.

An American School with its feet firmly in Europe.

The philosophy of this school is based on personal talent search.  Each and every child has something that motivates them specifically, something in which one can stand out. We help them find that something.

Lighthouse American School is aware of the reality students face as they enter the “real” world. Therefore, academic excellence is taken very seriously. We want to make sure they can choose what and where they want to study.

In more traditional education systems, school was thought as a puzzle and the student as a piece that needed to fit in. 

Today, we know every one of us has a unique way of learning. It is within this personalized teaching and learning and our ability to find motivation in our classrooms, that our success lies.

This personalized excellence can is more easily achieved in a school with a reduced teacher-student ratio like ours. (1 teacher  for every 12 students)  

  • " Linguistic immersion provides greater cognitive flexibility."

    Journal of Neuroscience study

  • "The personalization of the classes allows students to provide multiple ways to access content, increasing the possibilities of learning."

    Jhon Hattie – Director, Melbourne Education Research Institute


We don´t expect you to just believe in us. Lighthouse American School has initiatives that ensure they receive a personalized excellence.

Smaller classes

fewer students = more personalized attention

Smaller classes

The size of the classrooms and the number of students in each class impacts directly on the possibilities of personalized attention each student gets. Most of the programs we carryout in our school would not be possible without a small teacher-student ratio.

At Lighthouse American School the number of students per class is very reduced, with a maximum of 20 students in each room. Each class enjoys the presence of a teacher and a teacher assistant. This way we can reduce the ratio to 10/12 students per teacher.

Deeper Learning

Meaningful and authentic learning

Deeper Learning

We work with methodologies that promote significant learning. Our students are the ones that discover and make conclusions. They experiment with concepts and see how they can impact real life situations.

We believe this way they see learning as something useful and close to their reality, not as abstract concepts that nothing have to do with their interests.

We encourage curiosity as a way of learning and oral presentations as a way of showing what they have learnt.

Our students build from what they already know, reinforcing previous knowledge and being able to achieve the level of academic excellence required by the school.

Dynamic Groups

Working in flexible, fluid groups

Dynamic Groups

All our classrooms are very dynamic, both the physical space and organizational routines.

This way we can adapt daily to the needs of our students or the different characteristics of our practical exercises.

We normally utilize two different kinds of group work. In one hand, we arrange our students by leveled groups. This allows those students that are good at one specific matter, to learn faster and reach their higher potential. At the same time, the teacher can pay special attention to those who are struggling with a specific subject.

On the other hand, we have more heterogenic groups in order to incentivize “peer to peer evaluation”, collaboration and group learning.

Your Talent Time

We discover your child’s talent.

Your Talent Time

This program takes place during school hours and enables students to choose what to work on, from a variety of options. This way, they can explore different disciplines or just dig into a subject that really motivates them.

We invite students to search, find and develop what they are good at. It can vary from painting, writing movie scripts, drama or photography. But this talent search is not exclusive to the arts. A child that loves mathematics can learn robotics, or a science passionate can run experiments in our nature room.

Academic Excellence

Because results are also important

Academic Excellence

We expect a high academic standard from our students, that are able to achieve thanks to the personalized monitoring and the motivation for learning. Our students thrive because they believe they can.

On the other hand, last years of High School they will obtain an IB, with complex subjects both in English and Spanish. This way, they double the options to access any college or University that they believe suits them best. It does not matter where: Spain, USA, or any other OECD member.

We want our students to be active members of their society, who have developed resiliency to reach their dreams, being always faithful to their values and integrity.




Group work and leveled teams within the class


Peer to peer support groups


Regular personal talent dedication


1 teacher every 10/12 students.


Deeper learning promoted by curiosity and motivation


Academic Excellence