A world of oportunities

Three levels of learning opportunities

School is a stage, and fundamental for children. It is the place where they are forged as students, people and citizens. These early years mark their opportunities for the future to a large extent. That is why at Lighthouse American School we pay attention to three levels of learning.

Curricular opportunities: thanks to their time at school, students will have the opportunity to study where they choose.

Opportunities for personal development: because content is not everything, we educate competent people with values.

Wellness opportunities: the habits acquired in the school will accompany them throughout their life


Spanish certificate

Certification validated by the Community of Madrid.

Ensures that students acquire the necessary credentials to continue studying in Spain.

Study in the USA

The school is in the process of admission to the prestigious NEASC accreditation association.

International Baccalaureate

Students have the opportunity to complete the International Baccalaureate.

With its recognized prestige and academic excellence, it allows studying in many universities around the world.

Opportunities for personal development

Personal growth is fundamental for your child’s future

The students are trained in emotional and social intelligence.

The students are evaluated and trained in the competences of the future: creativity, innovation, solving complex problems, etc.

The students finish the school with a bilingual English-Spanish level.

The students look for and develop their natural talents.

Students learn the values ​​of entrepreneurship (pro-activity, resilience, analysis and problem solving, learning from mistakes).

Students learn values ​​such as sustainability, social innovation, companionship, etc.


Creative environment

The spaces, methodologies and teachers are focused so that children develop in a creative and dynamic environment.

A space that ensures their welfare and security. A PLACE TO BE HAPPY

Medical and social/emotional monitoring

Health is the epicenter of children’s development, which is why we have a specialized medical team, with periodical check ins.

Healthy habits

Children earn from an early age the importance of healthy habits.

We pay special attention to a healthy and balanced diet and to the promotion of sports and physical activity.

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