Nutrition & healthy snack

A Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy habits and good dietary patterns that are learned in early childhood are decisive throughout adult life. That is why in our dining room we offer a healthy and balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables.

The balanced nutrition of our menus is essential for the proper development of our children. At Lighthouse American School we go a step further and our dining room becomes an opportunity to acquire good eating habits.

  • "Schools are the ideal place to establish healthy nutritional habits for a lifetime."

    Karen J. Coleman – MD

  • "The best medicine of all is to teach people how not to need it."



Traditional Mediterranean cuisine

Our kitchen

Our kitchen specializes in healthy food prepares for the menu of the day.

Children enjoy fresh foods every day.

Healthy choices

Our menu includes traditional stews, steamed, baked specialties.

Healthy and great taste options

Healthy and delicious

Because the healthy and the delicious do not have to be at odds.

Children enjoy tasty food as they become accustomed to healthy foods.

Healthy snacks

Is it possible to turn a snack or snack in the morning into something fun and healthy at the same time? YES! In addition, it is a fundamental part of our eat healthy philosophy.

The mid-morning snacks that we give to students are as appetizing as they are healthy. Students who have extracurricular activities can also opt for a healthy snack that we offer.