Family Friendly

We work with you. For real.

Although it’s the students who attend the school, the whole family is involved in the educational community. We believe that making life easier for parents results in a direct benefit for children.

For this we provide flexibility, we support family obligations outside of school. We want to be partners of our parents as we together make this educational journey.

The complex working world of parents nowadays, needs the support of a school that adapts to the needs of their families and not the other way around.

At Lighthouse American School we understand that parents need extended and flexible schedules in order to attend their responsibilities.

And above all, our calendar matches your own. We do not have unexpected long weekends that don´t match your own and normally mean a headache to more than one family. Your child will be well taken care of.

  • 73% of employees in Spain believe that their work environmental makes it difficult to have both a job and a personal life especially if they have children.

    Family Center of IESE


We don´t expect you to just believe in us. Lighthouse American School has initiatives that ensure we work together hand in hand with our families.

Yes, you can!

You will finally make it to your kid’s rehearsal.

Yes, you

Why do all the rehearsals, shows and fun have to take place during working hours? Clearly, that is not what reconcile means.

At Lighthouse American School, all shows, plays, rehearsals and activities that your child will do, will be held on a Friday afternoon or a Saturday morning. Always. We want you there, having fun with your kid.

Assess and transparency

You can communicate with your child's teacher anytime.

Closeness And Transparency

Transparency is a fundamental pillar in our school. We try to express this idea through the building’s design. All the classrooms and common areas are luminous, bright and open. Rooms are divided by soundproof glass partitions.
This transparency is also shown in all the information we give parents. Always truthful, accurate and smooth.

The feeling of belonging is essential when trying to build a community, and this can be achieved only by a small and exclusive school like Lighthouse American School. Parents are always “in the loop” of what is going on at school.

Through our digital platforms, parents will have access to subjects, contents, and everything our students do in the classroom. You will also find pictures in the class’ private blog.
Parents will have straight access to all profesionals working with their children, teachers, assistants or director. Just pick up the phone, write and email or come by the school. We will be happy to assist you.

Adapted calendar

Our school calendar is just like yours.

Adapted Calendar

At Lighthouse American School a specific celebration day does not automatically mean Bank Holiday. If it is a labor day, our school shall remain open, no additional cost.

We understand as adults our lives are complicated, therefore we offer extended ours for those parents who cannot make it. We adapt to your needs.

During winter and summer break, your child will have the option of attending our day camps. Extra fun and safe for them, easy for you.

On-line parent teacher meetings

Don’t miss out a meeting with your child’s teacher. No matter where you are.

On-line Parent Teacher Meetings

Our jobs and obligations many times prevent us from what’s most important, our child. But, sometimes meeting with your youngster’s teacher is just impossible. Often, in order to go to school to talk to a teacher for 20 minutes, we need a morning off.

At Lighthouse American School we offer on-line parent teacher meetings. We just want to make it easier for you. If one of the parents can make it to school, but the other one cannot, use our mix model. One of you will meet with the teacher, while the other can be virtually there. You choose what fits you better.

Safe space

We guarantee a safe space for your children.

Safe Space

You will never find a picture of your child in our website or social media without asking before for your consent. Always. You will never be asked to sign a form where you give permanent consent to use your child’s image for any purpose.

Lighthouse American School is located in a very quiet area of Arava. Our facilities are elevated, above ground level, this way we can make sure children will not be seen from outside our premises.

The school has an access control, forbidding the entrance to anyone who is not identified.




Extended hours.


A calendar that matches your own


On line meetings


Shows, rehearsals and plays at a time when you can make it


Communicate anytime


Safe space