Implementing our lines of action would be impossible without a high-quality teaching staff

Faculty is a priority at Lighthouse American School. We create a creative and innovative environment for teachers to feel motivated, excited and full of energy.

We also support ongoing training that helps our teachers to remain at the forefront of pedagogy and technology.

Para asegurar la calidad de los profesores seguimos el estandar de la NEASC (NEW ENGLAND ASSOCIATION OF SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES), que se articula a través de 6 indicadores que se validan cada año.

NEASC indicators

that ensure the quality of the teaching staff

Certified teachers

Teachers must have a bachelor’s degree in education from a North American university, and have a current teaching license issued by one of the states in America.

Hiring process

The school has a hiring system that ensures the selection of the best professionals for each task. These will be carried out taking into account the values ​​of the school.

Professional development

The school requires continuous training courses in classroom skills, specific contents and technology taking into account the context of a multicultural society.

Continual evaluation

The school administration continually evaluates teachers based on best practices and child focused learning.

Common purpose

The school ensures that there is a shared climate of educational excellence and values ​​through the 6 lines of action and the methodology of the school.

Commitment to the team

The school demonstrates a commitment to the team with a career plan that allows them to grow intellectually and professionally

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