Now it’s your turn! Are you ready?

This year Ask the Three Kings or Santa Claus to bring you gifts in recycled wrapping

Recycling is not enough, Upcycle!

Less waste, more happiness

This year at Lighthouse American School, we created our own holiday decorations

Transforming what was wasted… into beautiful decorations

And we had a TON of fun in the process

OUR CHALLENGE: Turn garbage into Christmas decorations

Upcycling Christmas challenge in 3 simple steps

Look with diferent eyes

Your waste can change into beautiful crafts, so look at it with different eyes and think twice before throwing it away.


Look through our tutorials and ideas, to find the crafts you like best. Search the internet to find more ideas.

Upcycle and have fun

Gather your family and get to work. Revaluating, recycling and having fun go hand in hand. Trust us, it is easier than it looks.

Great ideas

Wrap your presents with recycled materials

More ideas

For your own green revolution

Christmas decorations DIY

Do it yourself

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