A step into the future

We live in a globalized world that is constantly changing, therefore we need to prepare our students for jobs that we are not capable of imagining just yet.

Creative minds for tomorrow

Lighthouse American School is the first step of a ladder that will bring our students the opportunities they need to succeed in their future endeavors.

Our methodology helps them develop the abilities and skills they shall need as engaged citizens.

Creativity, innovation, critical thinking or complex problem solving with limited information  and emotional intelligence are key in the development of young minds.

In order to help children take that step into their future, the school needs to be conceived in a more dynamic way, motivating students through curiosity and achieving deeper learning.

  • In 2020 complex problem solving, critical thinking and creativity will be the most demanded abilities by recruitment teams.

    World Economic Forum

  • In 2050 our society will have to adapt to new ways where the nature of jobs will have completely changed.

    Millenium Proyect 2050


5 specific and measurable initiatives that will take our students one step further than the rest.

Skills for the future

We educate and evaluate our students in what are called the skills for their future. Abilities that normally, are not taken into account in more traditional methodologies.

Skills for the future

Of course we believe it is essential to learn about history, literature or math. But, if we truly want our children to be more prepared for whatever the future has prepared for them, we need to broaden their education.


In order to assess the development of the mentioned skills, at Lighthouse American School we evaluate abilities such as: critical thinking, creativity, the ability to innovate and complex problem solving.

On top of all this, educating our students in emotional intelligence and values is essential at Lighthouse American School.

Inspiring Spaces

The school premises and spaces are designed to contribute toward a distinguishing, dynamic and inspiring education.

Inspiring spaces

We believe the space in which classes take place determines the way we teach and learn. Educational experiences are changing, not only with new methodologies and technologies, but through the creation of new active and flexible ecosystems.

The attention and interaction that can be achieved through this active learning environment compared to a more traditional classroom, is much greater.

In order to achieve greater engagement, at Lighthouse American School we have designed more dynamic and flexible spaces, creating opportunities to interact and learn beyond the rooms.

International opportunity

Our curriculum enables our students the possibility of choosing where to study.

International oportunity

Studying at Lighthouse American School opens a whole new world of opportunities to our students. They will be able to study in the USA, Canada, Spain or Europe. They choose.

An authorized by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges High School diploma will enable them to study in the US. Because our 11th and 12th grade students will follow the IB program, they may choose to study among all 50 OECD affiliated countries in the world.

Top Educational Tech

We combine the use of technology in our classrooms in order to obtain a top quality education.

Top educational Tech

Our goal is not just the use of technology. On the other hand, we understand it as a tool that helps us optimize classroom development, student follow ups and the communication with teachers and students that will promote a collaborative environment.

We cannot forget we are entering a digital era where students must master the necessary competences to cope with all society demands from them.  A solid moral education is a must when handling these issues, since the digitalization of society also entrails certain risks. We help our students develop a responsible and conscious attitude towards the digital world.

Language immersion

Nobody really knows what the future shall bring. We do know that speaking more than one language will mean more opportunities for our children.

Languaje inmersion

Normal routines and daily classes are held in English, thanks to our North American teachers. This means our students become English native speakers in all subject areas.

Nonetheless, Spanish is more than just a second language. Let’s not forget that it is the second most important language in the world.


Furthermore, 2nd grade elementary students will start studying Chinese as a third language.


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Possibility of studying in more than 50 countries of the OECD


Teachers re 100% North American


Innovative teaching methods


Responsible use of technology

Future Skills

Evaluating future needs

Inspiring Spaces

4,200 square meters of inspiring spaces