A place to be happy

As parents, what matters the most is that our children are happy.

At Lighthouse American School we share that idea. We truly believe that happiness helps improving the performance and motivation of our students.

Through the development of dynamic and creative spaces, encouraging friendship, working on our emotions and active watchfulness of our emotional states, we transform our school into a place where children can be happy.

We are not forgetting about the importance of active and preventive policies, such as cohabitation rules, antibullying protocols or the personalized follow-up of our students. These of course, are only possible in a small school like ours.

We have psychologist office, who follows up the development of the children and looks after their welfare and needs.

  • Wellbeing is a key factor that impacts directly on the results of our students, their retentive ability and the possibilities of finding a job in their future



We don´t expect you to just believe in us. Lighthouse American School has initiatives that ensure our students receive a personalized excellence.

Exclusive school

Your kids will feel like at home

Exclusive School

The size of our school helps the feeling of closeness among the whole community: faculty, staff, children and their families.

It is exactly our small size what makes this feeling of community possible.

Healthy Ways

We promote healthy habits and an active way of life

Healthy Ways

We emphasize the quality and nutritional composition of the meals children eat. We do not just feed our students, we teach them how to eat healthy.

Lighthouse American School fosters healthful routines at all levels, we want all our students to enjoy healthy growth.

In our school you will find a health department at your service, who is in charge, among other things, to ensure healthy habits such as meals and preventing sedentarism. Also, they supply a direct and personalized service to all families who so whish.

For those busy families who are worried about what their children it, we offer the possibility of ordering a healthy snack for the afternoon as well as a dinner menu suggestion in order to acquire a global and complete education in healthy habits.

Our classrooms are equipped with ergonomic chairs in order to ensure lower back health and avoid unhealthy postures that may cause bone and muscle problems in the long run.

Tech Mood Boards

We use technology to monitoring the mood states of our students in order to motivate them when needed.

Tech Mod Boards

When entering or exiting their classrooms, our students have access to our mood boards. Using these devices enables them to share how they feel in a very simple and intuitive way.

All emotions are valid and lead teachers review them on a constant basis in order to ensure a healthy environment in their classroom.
This technology is a very useful tool for teachers, who can now have an accurate and daily chart of how students enter and leave the classroom.

Conflict resolution

It would be unrealistic to think there are never going to be conflicts in a class and irresponsible not to expect it

Conflict resolution

As part of our daily routines, we have planned assemblies down to all levels in order to work on conflict resolution. Children use what they have learnt through our emotional intelligence programs in order to overcome conflicts and deepen the feeling of friendship and community.

Furthermore, we have various policies and protocols in order to ensure a fast and effective course of action should any student be in need.

Active minds in active bodies

Movement that activates the mind

Active minds in active bodies

Sport is one of our main pillars. We find it to be a tool that helps us plant a healthy habits seed, besides activating their bodies and awaken their minds. The acquisition of a hobby at a young age helps prevent unhealthy habits during puberty and adolescence.

We cannot compartmentalize our classrooms, just as we cannot compartmentalize our brains. Lighthouse American School rooms are dynamic and active, where reflexive moments are collated with moments of movement and energy.

Our disruptive way of understanding breaktime with Smart Play, radically changes the concept of recess. Children don’t have long, not so exciting recess periods, but shorter and more frequent breaks that activate their minds and bodies.




Personalized technological monitoring of emotions.


595 m2 of sports areas


Continious monitoring of your child’s health.


Psicology department.


Teacher-student ratio 1-12


Emotional and social intelligence.